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It’s an exciting time for us. We are embarking

Who We Are

Compass to The Crest was founded in 2022 as a response to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic and (shut down/lockdown).  

During this time, telehealth services removed a primary barrier of access to thousands of individuals who were in dire need of mental and behavioral health services.

Compass to The Crest travels to a variety of locations to offer access to our high quality integrated behavioral and mental health services.  

Our outreach program has been developed to empower those we serve with care, education,a dn the counseling support they need to live healthier lives. Compass to The Crest services are available on a drop-in basis or as requested by our community and school partners.

Compass to The Crest includes both individual and group behavioral health counseling and health education and promotion activities for all stages of life. 

The mobile clinic is a secure, private space with client centered high quality care.  We deliver a comprehensive and integrated approach to behavioral health care that includes a dynamic array of interventions from traditional psychotherapy to cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy to expressive arts therapy.  Our approaches combine psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing.

Our Guiding Light

Our Mission

Compass to The Crest exemplifies a culture of community empowerment.  Our clients are the key to our communities success (DON”T LIKE THIS WORDING PER SE).  Our services are available to our clients without regard for ability to pay.

Our Vision

Compass to The Crest strives to eliminate behavioral and mental health disparities in our community.

Our Guiding Principle

We believe that all people have the authentic authority to Operate at The Crest of their Wave.

Our Core Values

Compass to The Crest stands by our Core Values: Client Centered. Empathetic. Staff Empowered (NOT MY VALUES DIRECTLY AND WILL NEED TO REWRITE

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