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Fully Present, Intentional, and Engaged in you and your professional development

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional in the field of social work, The Crest Coaching services offers what you need to Operate at The Crest of Your Wave by taking your career to the next level.

You may be a top performer who is seeking a new and challenging opportunity.  Or you may be a recent graduate who seeks clinical supervision and guidance towards solidifying your clinical perspective.  At times, you may feel adrift out at sea.  That’s where The Crest Coaching comes in.

I began my social work career, as many social workers do, in the world of child protection services. My experiences as a front line worker shaped my passion and commitment to impact the lives of both clients and the professionals who serve the most vulnerable of us. As a result, I have thrived utilizing my social work skill set in administrative positions within and outside of traditional social work field that allowed me to use my social work background. – Dr. Jennifer McChrisitian, LCSW

Our career coaching service provides you with the opportunity to connect to a seasoned professional who can guide you through answering the critical question of “What’s Next?”  We do this through a self-discovery approach where your coach sits beside you in the co-captain seat while we focus on practical strategies that help you navigate your journey and honing your skill set to thrive within your chosen field and population. 

Whether you are looking to discover a career you love, build the confidence to make a change or develop the necessary skills to land a big promotion, we are here to help you make it happen. Creating tangible results in your life and career is our utmost priority. 

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To get started down the right path, download my FREE career assessment workbook. I’m EMPOWERING you to get started now.

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