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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Formal Biography

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CEO & Founder of The Crest

Dr. Jennifer McChristian has a passion for empowering others to operate at the “Crest of their Wave”.  She believes in helping others to identify their passion and purpose and providing them with the tools to be successful.  She is admired by her peers, clients, and students for her charismatic approach to supporting, guiding, and encouraging their continual growth.

Dr. McChristian has served as an innovative strategist in both direct practice and executive administration for more than 18 years.  She is known as a creative inspirational leader who mobilizes individuals towards a shared vision that enhances organization’s missions. Her combined experience of successful grassroots community mobilizing and a proven track record of evaluating and implementing sustained programming and financial strategies for grassroots agencies, NGO’s, higher educational facilities, and community development centers prepares her to take your business to your next level.

Through identification of resources and strengthening relationships with key community representatives, Dr. McChristian effectively articulates needs of organizations resulting in a measurable improvement in service delivery and outcomes of self-sufficiency and a reduction in social, emotional, educational, medical, and environmental barriers. In addition to Dr. McChristian’s consulting, coaching, and counseling services, Dr. McChristian serves as interim Chief Administrative Officer of Clinical Services for organizations who are seeking to develop the position and department. In this capacity she serves as a thought partner to create a supportive and therapeutic atmosphere for clients and clinicians. 

Dr. Jennifer McChristian, LCSW holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Social Work from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and earned licensure as a Clinical Social Worker in the state of Indiana and Arizona. She earned her Doctorate in Social Work from Capella University where she conducted research to evaluate the impact of a targeted mentoring program (that she developed, monitored, and scaled) on the retention and matriculation of female students of color at a predominately White institution.

Formal Biography

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