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Our person centered solutions focused counseling strategies empower clients to achieve balance to operate at the Crest of your Wave.


Our consulting services help our clients understand how their services or products impact the larger ecosystem.


Our career coaching services are right for you if you are looking to enhance your career or pivot to another career industry.

Meet Dr. Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer McChristian has a passion for empowering others to operate at the “Crest of their Wave”. 

Jennifer is skilled at naming what is not working and partnering with her coworkers to address breakdowns. Whether it is within her own team, cross-functionally, or with others from other sites. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter enables teams to have critical conversations. Jennifer also has a tremendous amount of experience and her different lenses are an incredible asset to evaluating and improving program design, as well as establishing a vision of how she wants things to be in the future.

I have worked in the food and beverage industry for nearly 18 years. Over the past 8 years, I have been stuck in my role as Sous Chef. Although I felt content, I knew that I could be doing more. Dr. J listened to me and my dreams of growing in my field. She helped me to see my value in my organization. She motivated me to walk in confidence and to show my boss how I contributed to the overall success of the organization. Over 90 days, we revised my resume and practiced my presentation skills until I was ready to ask for my promotion. And just like that, I earned the Executive Sous Chef position with a 40% raise. The confidence that I gained through this process is just the beginning.

I have had the pleasure of watching Dr. Jennifer engage with adult learners in career transition for more than 10 years. Her role as mentor and coach have helped young adults create and navigate their own paths to college and career success. She goes above and beyond to help students reach their full potential. I am always excited to bring her in for workshops, presentations, and one on one coaching with students. Her high energy approach brings light to the darkest of situations and helps the students to connect in a non-traditional way. I am looking forward to how The Crest will continue to impact the lives of the future generations.

Our new behavioral health team struggled with consistency in their clinical documentation. Dr. Jennifer met with our clinical team and identified where each team member struggled. She created an interactive educational workshop with focused training sessions that allowed us to practice with real clinical cases using DAP and SOAP format. Our clinical documentation has improved by 100%. Dr. Jennifer’s patience, enthusiasm, organization and commitment to our success helped change the landscape of our practice.



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Ready to find your crest?

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